dbscript Overview

Integrated Database Versioning, Code Generation, and Documentation

Database Versioning

dbscript operates on database schema information imported from a database (MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL), or uploaded via SQL DDL files containing CREATE statements, organizing the schema information in Project Versions.

Code Generation

Using a built-in script engine, dbscript allows developers to generate:

  • SQL DDL code of database objects
  • SQL INSERT/UPDATE scripts to migrate data
  • C# and VB.Net constant definitions


By defining Documentation Generators, developers can easily create documentation of any imported database version in these formats:

  MS SQL Server Oracle PostgreSqlEF edmx
dbscript HTML view view view 
dbscript Single HTML view view viewview view
HTML (single file) view view viewview view
MediaWiki view view viewview view
ScrewTurn Wiki (V2) view view view 
ScrewTurn Wiki (V3) view view view 
Word HTML view view viewview view


dbscript generates Data Diagrams as .png and .dia files:

  MS SQL Server Oracle PostgreSql
PNG view view view
Dia view view view


All documentation samples are based on these freely available demo projects:

MS SQL Server AdventureWorks (2005)
Oracle Oracle Demo Schema
PostgreSql OpenNMS


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