graspx usage

graspx is invoked directly from the command line.

Run cmd.exe and change into your web development directory (typically c:\inetpub\wwwroot\<application>)

graspx (c) by 2007-2008
usage: graspx [ options ] [ function ] [ parameters ] [ files ]
processes files in current directory

function / options / parameters:

c check XML structure
-co display only XML-compliant files
-ce display only files which cause XML errors

Check your aspx files before using any of the other functions.
Aspx file that are not XML compatible cannot by processed by the other functions.
        f               find text (default)
parameters: text
-i ignore case

Find text in attribute values or nodes.
        l               list attribute values
parameters: [ tag ] attribute
attribute "." is InnerText (requires explicit file pattern)
-i ignore case

List attribute values. Specify XML attribute, XML tag is optional.
        ll              list values of several attributes
parameters: file containing "tag attribute" associations

List attribute values, ll is a combination of several l functions. XML attributes and tag are specified in the parameter file.


-h, -? this page

-d working directory (current directory if not set)
-r recurse directories

-i ignore case (commands f, l, ll)
-nodyn ignore dynamic values (<%# .. #>)

-col select columns (commands f, l, ll)
parameters: comma-separated list of column indexes (1-based)

-count output counter (requires -col)

-ff display full filename
-sf display simple filename without directory (option -r)
-sl display CRLF as space (single line)
-utf8 output is UTF8

-nc naming container
parameters: file containing "tag type" associations; type is:
"." + attribute name (id of naming container),
"ix" (indexer), "tag" (tag literal)

files: any file pattern, *.aspx by default

You can use any file mask, such as *.aspx, *.ascx, and so on, as long as the files are XML files.

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