wpxslgui - WordPress XML Export Converter

Convert WordPress XML Export into HTML and Word HTML Documents.


wpxslgui is a Windows application which converts an XML File generated by the WordPress Export function into an HTML or Word HTML document.


  • Convert WordPress XML to HTML Table of Contents with links to the original blog
  • Convert WordPress XML to a single HTML file allowing filter by category (JavaScript)
  • Convert WordPress XML to Word HTML document (can be saved as .doc or .docx in Word)

See the blog for articles on wpxslgui.

wpxslgui Screenshot


  • Windows with .Net 2.0 Framework installed

Change Log

  • 120101 Support for WordPress Export 1.1; Read/Write UTF8-encoded files; Output published posts only
  • 100727 Handle atom namespace
  • 100118 Initial Release 1.00


Last Updated on Sunday, 01 January 2012 21:39
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