Automatically backup MS SQL Server databases


automssqlbackup is a Powershell script using MS SQL Server's SMO library to create full and incremental backups of MS SQL Server databases.

The script is a translation of which creates backups of MySQL databases under Linux.


  • Rotation of daily and weekly backups
  • Optionally zipping backups using SharpZipLib
  • Logging
  • Notifications by e-mail

See the blog for articles on automssqlbackup.


  • MS SQL Server (2000+) with SMO libraries installed
  • Powershell 1.0
  • SharpZipLib


Download the latest version from GitHub.

Change Log

  • 090209 Initial Release 0.25
  • 090211 Version 0.26: SharpZipLib, Exception handling, option to exclude databases
  • 090217 Version 0.27: Notification mail subject contains schedule, error indicator
  • 090223 Version 0.28: HTML mail with backup overview
  • 090409 Version 0.29: Large file support, no timeout during backup of large databases
  • 090731 Version 0.30: Handling server instances, exception messages with stack trace
  • 120719 Version 0.31: supports MS SQL Server 2005, 2008, 2012